Welcome to my blog!

Writing about the quest for balance in college running, nursing school, and joy in the ordinary and extraordinary...

About Me

My name is Emily and I run cross country for a small college in the midwest. Welcome to my little blogging home, EvenPace! Even Pace is inspired by a phrase my high school cross country coach loved. He would always say, “an even pace wins the race”. Today, I write with this spirit in my blog that’s all about finding joy through balance.

In college, I am a nursing major with a minor in women’s studies. My long-term goals are to work in women’s health or neonatal nursing research, run marathons, and have a warm, happy, outdoorsy family (fueled by lots of from-scratch cooking). Besides running and writing, some other passions of mine are social justice, cooking, learning new things, and networking with really awesome new people! I also love spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family (and my little grey dog at home!)

I’m sure you know that as runners, we all come to the sport for different reasons, whether that be to improve our health, to help us train for a different sport, or just to nourish us socially and mentally. I hope that my site can give you a spark for running, whether it’s your sport, hobby, or obsession!

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